Recycled - Champagne Bottle Candles

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Recycled - Champagne Bottle Candles

These recycled bottles are a unique one-off candle, and everyone is different.

Before ordering please make contact to make sure we have the bottles available.

They are cleaned, cut and sanded to bring you a perfect & unique Candle for yourself or a gift.

Sustainable and Natural Products - The soy wax is a natural plant-based wax and GMO-free and contains NO paraffin.  The wicks are all natural and are Zinc and Lead-free.

Please contact us if you would like any other unique recycled bottle candles.

Dimensions - Height 10.5cm, Width 8.5cm
Burn time: Up to 60 hours*

*Drafts, the motion of ceiling fans, and other factors may effect candle burn times.

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